Do you have a vision, but struggling with the motivation, understanding and knowledge to get started on the pursuit to explore your vision? Or do you have a business, but you feel like you are at a stand still or need to partner to join vision forces with in order to grow your business? .By combining the fantastic power of virtual coaching with tried-and-true teaching methods, we provide our clients real opportunity to grow and nurture their vision, allowing them to explore what they can become without having to sacrifice resources and time or stress of walking into a classroom.

We offer engaging, results-oriented professional and personal development workshops for K–12, community college, youth, probation,  workforce development organizations, schools, community organizations, churches, leaders and corporations. The BLENG Academy utilizes the latest research and trends in education, youth, creative, talent, personal and professional development along with workforce development. 

Building Layers To Empower & Nurture Growth.

We offer small business solutions that can start from creating packaging for your product, brand or service, along with essential elements that help grow your business such as branding, websites, PR campaigns, marketing and advertisement avenues, flyers, promotional videos, electronic press kits, jingles, celebrity features, consulting, administration and more. We can equip you with solutions to make more money and/or to expand your brand.  Our affordable HHM Productions Prackages of Music, Film, TV, Events, books, plays or more have been behind many successful brands and entities today.guaranteeing you, your clients or brand an opportunity for growth.

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We are able to develop or implement our program in collaboration or partnership with your organization, clients and/or staff.  We can walk you step-by-step through program design and development to help lay the essential groundwork for successful outcomes. Our culture competent expertise in managing, supporting, implementing and designing highly effective workforce development, youth development, prevention, intervention, awareness, coaching, arts, wellness, enrichment and training programs will help you design and deliver programs that really work. 

Our enriching mobile camp modules are far away from the traditional format of training. We use our unique yet effective formula of excitement, passion and culture competent narratives to conduct our transformation camps. We are proud to educate tomorrow's leaders and today's youth. Find out how you can book a mobile camp and be a part of the new world of education today. 

BLENG Academy offers multiple business education classes and empowerment segments. Check out our Event Calendar  for  a complete list  about upcoming classes. See our frequently covered topics there.   Categories Courses Events News Podcast Webinar Tags Business Seminar Capability Seminars Statements Franchise Agenda Agenda Day Month Week May, 2017 Dealing with Difficult People @  Read more Categories: Courses Events for 2017.

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The BLENG Academy, allows you, your clients or your team to explore a vision that’s far-reaching. We meet you wherever you are, empowering you to explore what you can become. By combining the fantastic inspiration of coaching, leadership and mentoring with tried-and-true coaching methods, we provide our clients real opportunity to grow and nurture their vision giviing you the tools to obtain and maintain success, while allowing you to exercize your leadership abilities.

BLENG Mobile Camps

We Build Layers to Empower & Nurture  your Gifts, by meeting you where you are and empowering you with the tools to explore what you can become. Our BLENG Team's combination of experience, education and passion, makes us proud to educate tomorrow's leaders. Find out how you, your staff, clients or someone else can be a part of the new world of education today. BLENG Academy specializes in coaching, development, training, mentoring, keynote and programming. We conduct B2B and B2C services to organizations, corporations, individuals, entrepreneurs. BLENG Academy strives to serve both client and community with a proven track record of expertise, particularly in urban regions.

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